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Classes are held around the Denver metro area and will resume in April. Please email me for more information and be sure to check back here! Thank you for your understanding.
I am currently focusing on private 1:1 sessions so please reach out if this interests you. 

Weekly Yoga:

Community Yoga
Community classes really focus on commUNITY. They are welcoming for all levels and If you are new to yoga, these classes are for YOU! Each class begins with breath techniques and includes the use of essential oils and a head massage in Savasana! 
After each class, a group of students often go out for a bite to eat. Many students leave class with a new friend or two!
*Gain confidence in yourself and your practice
*Increase balance and flexibility
*Make new friends and connections
*Have FUN!
Private Yoga

Whether you're looking to start a yoga practice or re-gain your practice, I am here to help!

Benefits of one-on-one guidance:

*Adjustments in every pose

*Learn modifications/variations

*Deepin meditation practice

*Explore yogic philosophy in depth

*Gain confidence 

*Use of essential oils

*Extra long massage in Savasana to allow for total relaxation! 


My space (studio):                                                          Your space

$65 for one session                                                        $70 for one session

$240 for 4 sessions (60 each)                                        $260 for 4 sessions (65 each)

$330 for 6 sessions (55 each)                                        $360 for 6 sessions (60 each)

$400 for 8 sessions (50 each)                                        $440 for 8 sessions (55 each)

$450 for 10 sessions (45 each)                                      $500 for 10 sessions (50 each)  

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