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 Inhaling essential oil before and during a yoga greatly enhances the overall practice!

How to use essential oils

Many of these oils can be ingested, allowing the oils to go directly into our blood stream!
Apply directly to skin or to a cotton pad.
Mix into a spray bottle.
Use in a diffuser.
Directly apply to the neck, forehead, temples, chest, abdomen, arms, legs and bottom of the feet.
Adding to the bath is also great!

Oils and Yoga

The two go hand in hand and make for a wonderful LIFESTYLE. Using doTERRA with yoga enhances each practice and really allows our minds to be still, body tension free and overall being to be light and happy!
Inhaling essential oil before and during a yoga class greatly enhances our overall practice!


Lavender can be used for SO many things!


*Have a sunburn, cut or acne? Spray it on yourself  to soothe skin and reduce peeling.

*Restless before bedtime? Spray in on your pillow and rub on your feet, as it aids in relaxation and sleep by reducing anxiety.


By adding a few drops of lemon to your water everyday, you will receive so many benefits! 

*Boosts immune system
*Relieves sore throats
*Aids in detoxification and digestive problems
*Helps fight allergies

*Can be used as a house cleaner as it cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces


With these oils, you can make your own body scrub or buy them individually from me!

Pictured is Tea Tree and Peppermint. These body scrubs aid in soothing and moisturizing skin as well as cleanse and purify. You will see changes in skin within the first few uses!

Email me for pricing and options :).

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