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About Amanda

I first discovered yoga when I had the opportunity to become certified in teaching children and teens. This opened an entire new world to me! I became a daily practitioner of yoga and just six months later signed up for a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. I graduated from Teacher Training in April 2015 and have been teaching weekly classes since. 

Yoga has allowed for me to truly LOVE myself. Growing up, I had such low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Yoga has raised my confidence and helps keep my stress levels bearable :). I love and encourage the practice of yoga off the mat. By this, I am constantly saying mantras to myself like, STRENGTH IS BEAUTY . Yoga philosophy has so many beneficial aspects and it's my dream to share them with as many people as I can.

Yoga has helped me heal from the inside out and to learn how to connect my mind, body and spirit and I hope you'll come and experience this with me.

Blaze is my 15 year old German Short-haired Pointer who has been with me since he was born. We have an OMazing connection so the practice of doga :) is very important to me. I love and appreciate all animals but have an especially strong love for my boy. I encourage you to try this practice of doga...try breathing with your pup and simply taking a few mindful moments together. 


"Am SO happy to have found Loca4Yoga. Amanda is the quintessential yoga instructor - patient and gentle while promoting a positive and trusting community. Both her classes and outings soothe the soul. Great energy all around." ~Briana

"Amanda is an amazing, talented instructor. She takes time to get to know each and every yogi that comes to her class, offering hugs and acceptance. She listens before and after class. She does a great focus on breath work and makes sure her students have new poses to try but always emphasizes respecting your body and doing what feels best for YOU. She has become a dear friend since I started going to her classes regularly in June 2015. Deciding to take her class has changed my whole Colorado experience. Lots of love and light to her!" ~Steph 

I knew Amanda from college and had known about her yoga journey, but going to her outdoor class was my first real introduction to yoga. Forever a believer. She's a great instructor who gives amazing massages during savasana. Plus she has the best heart. ~Yvonne

I stumbled upon Amanda's yoga class on Meetup and had a great experience. It was what I would consider a uniquely Colorado experience in that we were doing yoga outside right on the Colorado prairie scrub with Red Rocks Amphitheater in view behind us, the mountains all around and right towards the end of the session a couple of yearling deer ran right through our space and watched us do yoga. Can you get ANY more Colorado than that? And, no, we were not high (although that, too, would make it uniquely Colorado). Other than that, as if it's not enough, Amanda is an excellent leader who doesn't just tell you to get into a position but motivates you to do so by reminding you of why you are there - i.e., constantly reminding us to focus on the color orange for the Chakra that we were concentrating upon. There's another aspect of Amanda's practice that I truly appreciate and that is that she was right there doing yoga with us. Most instructors might show you the position but then they walk around or read their email or whatever, not Amanda, she PRACTICED WITH US, holding every position and doing every move the entire time and that's a big deal for me.

If you need more motivation than this to see that fabulous yogi then you just don't want to do yoga bad enough. ~Craig

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